All photography provided by Erick Molyneaux

About Me

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 10 years of video production experience, and a student Emmy Award of Excellence for the music video "Phat Brahms" Max produces fast paced, story driven video content using unique motion graphics and a highly trained eye for editing. He handles all aspects of production, from planning and filming to export. If you’re looking to share your story, Max has worked with production companies, musicians, nightlife/entertainment companies, corporate leaders, independent film teams and non-profit educational & community organizations. 

Stories are a communal currency of humanity.
— Tahir Shah, Arabian Nights: A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams

My Mission

My mission is to travel around the world with my friends, making videos about our lives and the people around us. I want to travel because I want to experience other peoples lives and try to bring people closer together as a community by giving people a voice and sharing their stories.